Monday, September 24, 2012

A Glorious Christmas

We feel so blessed to be representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ This year's Christmas
It was very meaningful for us as we more fully realize all our Savior has done for us and all mankind. He loves us so much and fills each day with his Spirit that we feel as we love and serve some of His choice children. We are so blessed! We were filled with a happiness that is Eternal as we witnessed 3 wonderful children be baptized on Christmas Eve at the Mesa View Ward.

Christmas with the FAMILY and FRIENDS is always a treat!

We always start the holidays with our gingerbread house celebration.
Izzy got to do her gingerbread house with her daddy in the computer room so others wouldn't get sick
The neighbors (Cecil, me, Jean and Barbara) celebrated the holiday with June Merkel at the Sunrise at Huntington Beach Resthome

A special holiday meal and off to the Newport Stake Christmas Concert!  So much fun!!
  We love the kids' performances for the holiday at Kaiser Elementary.
Cherish sang so well!
AND then there is Christmas Day with all the excitement of the Grandkids!
 It's all about a BABY, born to save the world!  and the children help us remember how patient and loving and teachable we all need to be in our lives.

                          David, Briana and Ryan came from Fresno to enjoy the day with us.
                                      Mike, Tyna and Brian as the "wall of family" watches!
                                                 Chela and Jose enjoy the moment, too.

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