Monday, September 24, 2012

A Glorious Christmas

We feel so blessed to be representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ This year's Christmas
It was very meaningful for us as we more fully realize all our Savior has done for us and all mankind. He loves us so much and fills each day with his Spirit that we feel as we love and serve some of His choice children. We are so blessed! We were filled with a happiness that is Eternal as we witnessed 3 wonderful children be baptized on Christmas Eve at the Mesa View Ward.

Christmas with the FAMILY and FRIENDS is always a treat!

We always start the holidays with our gingerbread house celebration.
Izzy got to do her gingerbread house with her daddy in the computer room so others wouldn't get sick
The neighbors (Cecil, me, Jean and Barbara) celebrated the holiday with June Merkel at the Sunrise at Huntington Beach Resthome

A special holiday meal and off to the Newport Stake Christmas Concert!  So much fun!!
  We love the kids' performances for the holiday at Kaiser Elementary.
Cherish sang so well!
AND then there is Christmas Day with all the excitement of the Grandkids!
 It's all about a BABY, born to save the world!  and the children help us remember how patient and loving and teachable we all need to be in our lives.

                          David, Briana and Ryan came from Fresno to enjoy the day with us.
                                      Mike, Tyna and Brian as the "wall of family" watches!
                                                 Chela and Jose enjoy the moment, too.

The Past Year at a Glance ~ BAPTISMS

Our fellow senior couple: Elder and Sister Anderson are assigned to the Mesa View Ward and their first baptism was a spectacular spiritual experience.  Held at the Argueta's pool Cheryl Day and Susan Roatch were both baptized on 28 January 2012.

Natalie Villanueva was baptized 14 January 2012 by Elder Tolland. His companion Elder Faamasuli was a favorite Elder in the Costa Mesa II Ward/aka College Park Ward
Martin Santana was the first baptism we attended in our ward, the Fullerton 6th.  Elder Larsen baptized him on 18 December 2011.  He and Elder Tinti were great examples to us as we started our Mission.  We truly love them.

Elder Larsen again baptized a new member, Eli Pedro Gallegos, into La Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de Los Utltimas Dias ~ Fullerton 6 on 29 January 2012.
Jessica Estrada became a member of the Fullerton 6 when our obispo Rene Disner baptized her 5 Febrero 2012.
Our best friends, Cory and Lina Wolfe baptised their son Seanne N. Wolfe on 25 February 25, 2012 in the Mesa View Ward.
Two new members of the Fullerton 6 Ward  were baptized on 8 April 2012.  Ana Itzel Gatica by Elder Robinson   ....   and
Carmen Garcia Ortiz was baptized by her friend and neighbor Michael Montes on 8 April 2012, also.
Rosa Estrad Ortiz was baptized into the Fullerton 6 Ward 27 Mayo 2012 by Elder Ortiz.. not in this picture but in the picture above. 
A very special baptism occurred for our sweet granddaughter Madelyn Call in Clearfield, Utah on May 5, 2012.  As Senior Couple Missionaries we are truly blessed to be allowed to attend special family events away from our area of assignment.  She was baptized by her grandfather Stephen Pulsipher.

C.J. (Christopher Joshua) Ganiere was baptized in our home ward College Park by his father Chris Ganiere on 2 June 2012.

Our golden contact, Humberto Torrebanca Hernandez, was baptized by Elder Ollerton on 3 Junio 2012. 
Humberto's family, his brother David and sister-in-law Daycire Sierra (Daisy), were baptized on 24 Junio 2012. Daisy was baptised by Elder Larsen and David was baptized by Elder Ollerton.  I got to hold their darling baby, Marvin.
Fullerton 6 was blessed again by the baptism of Victor Hugo Romero on 1 Julio 2012 by our fabulous Elder Larsen.  This was the week before he was transferred.  He is still in our zone and  continues to be a sterling example of what a missionary should be and do.
Elder Ollerton also transferred to another ward but continues to teach and convert members of his new ward, Anaheim 11, to Las Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de las Ultimas Dias.  He baptized Rachel Fuentes 2 Septiembre 2012.  What a great missionary he is!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~We are assigned to the Fullerton 6th Ward, Spanish speaking~

This was some of the fun at our Fullerton 6th Ward Christmas Party on Saturday, December 17th:

Tons of food! So much food, I couldn't even take a small sample of everything and I still ate too much!
Just part of the party. We had a very good turn out.

The happy Missionary Couple!

Our wonderful Bishop: Obispo Disner and his wife Evy

Our wonderful Ward Mission Leader, Lehi Rosas, wife and daughter.

The Perez Sisters sang "All I Want For Christmas is YOU!"

The Callejas Family promised to come to the ward party and sit with us; but when they didn't show up we took the leftover cake I made for the party to their home after church on Sunday. They were VERY surprised!! We sure enjoyed our visit. They are a wonderful family and she promised to help me with my Spanish and I promised to help her with her English.

~* Our first baptism was Sunday, December 18, 2011*~
Martin Santana was baptized by Elder Larsen

His beautiful daughter is a member.

That evening we attended the Santa Ana Stake Christmas Program and it was a beautiful way to begin the holiday week. They had beautiful scenery, costumes and singing. I felt like I was there:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Elder Larsen and Elder Tinti are Elders in the Fullerton 6th Ward that we are assigned to as activation missionaries. Elder Tinti is our District Leader.

All the missionaries in the California Anaheim North-East Zone:
Our first Zone Meeting, December 21, 2011

Don't know them, but you can see they are very entertaining by my big smile!
More special missionaries including our District Leader and his companion.
Elder Larsen at our Ward Christmas Party.


We love serving with President and Sister Bowen.

And we were so happy to see our old friend Bobi Rush is the new missionary serving as the Office Secretary.
Some of the beautiful sisters serving in the Anaheim Mission: Sisters Anderson, Rush, Ray and Lamb ... I will get Sister Crosby in a future pictures.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Last 2 Days at the MTC

Elder Dan and Sister Debbie Johnson, a great couple from Huntington Beach and the parents of Emily Nedry, became our good friends during our stay. We spent alot of time together our last Thursday and Friday at the MTC. We would joke that we must be stalking each other. We even ended up at the same pick-up spot for transportation. We were going to the Church Office Building and they were going to the Salt Lake Airport for their flight to their mission in Berlin, Germany.

New BEST FRIENDS in our training group

Our first week at the MTC we were organized into groups to learn from Preach My Gospel and be able to teach investigators: This is our GROUP:

A wonderful trip to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on November 6, 2011 with Elder and Sister Davis. It was a special Veteran's Day Program

Elder Brian and Sister Karen Davis called to serve in the Baltic States Mission:

Elder and Sister Call (us) at our Preach My Gospel Group will all our supplies:

Elder Steve and Sister Sue Hackett now serving in the New York New York South Mission:

Elder Dale (filled with love and laughter) and Sister Lynn Hancock, called to serve in the Virginia Richmond Mission:

Our "rowdy group" with our darling morning teacher for Preach My Gospel, Sister Sarah Zitting, and her fiance Josh. This was Friday after our last class with her. Elder Hancock brought a lot of excitement to the group teasing our teacher about Josh and how he better get a ring on her finger before he loses her. I am sure the Holy Ghost will be a strong influence in this fine couple's lives.