Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrating with Family In Utah

Oooh! Those donuts are GOOD!
Vicki Givens, Linda Jill Bonella and Eileen Cloward
Wendy and Jon Casperson
Ray and Linda Jill Bonnella
Joan Zetterquist and Vicki Givens
Robert and Linda Westover
Jim and Nan Hancock came all the way from Idaho.
Our wonderful hosts: Bill and Lisa Wegener
Our surprise guests: Curt and Angie Cummings are our good friends who moved from Costa Mesa to Utah. They joined us for a walk down memory lane before their date night at the temple.
Bill and Lisa Wegener hosted a family gathering in their beautiful home for family and friends on Saturday 29 October 2011 at 2 pm. We all loved the delicious chocolate-iced chocolate donuts, grapes and cider! We had so much fun laughing and visiting. Thank you Bill and Lisa for the hospitality, and thanks to everyone for coming. I'm still smiling about our visit.

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